Hillwood C.C. (HCC) has a reputation that is well known thru the south. A reputation of great food, beautiful banquets and trendy events. Hillwood’s capacity for a major holiday is over 1000 people served at any meal period. The standards were of high quality, freshness, vast selections and cleanliness. The artistic approach we brought to these events were second to none. We hand crafted the entire rooms approach to the event at hand. We developed the buffet design, landscape, centerpieces , food displays and guest table décor…..along with the high quality menus. Lori has a standard of at least 24 different dessert offered along with the runway of savory hot and cold dishes. Perry’s menus were lengthy and well thought out, enough to fulfill any distinguished appetites.  The attendance to these events sold out in hours and the guest count rose rapidly thru the years.

The event we were the most fond of was our annual Wild Game Dinner. We started this tradition over 16 years ago with only 20 people in attendance. Now and over the last five years, over 300 people were served with 380 being the pinnacle. Our menu served over 30 different proteins with both an elaborate reception and a 5 course plated meal. Take a look at our “favorite menus” page to see what a few favorites were.




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